July 22, 2016

Vivaldi Metal Project - "The Four Seasons" release day

It's release day. 2 years of hard work. Big thanks to Maestro Mistheria and Alberto Rigoni Music for invitation to this magnificent project.

May the Vivaldi be with you guys :) \m/

"Ten arrangers were brought on board to combine the standard metal band with strings, choirs, and orchestra, and in the end a literal all-star cast of musicians ended up providing performances for the project that took over 2 years to complete. " - The Metal Resource

"Vivaldi w swojej muzyce sławił Boga i piękno jego stworzenia, a teraz parodiują ją okultyści!" - Janina z Żoliborza

"Barock und Moderne, Klassik und Schwermetall perfekt verschmolzen – hier ist nicht nur Großes für den symphonisch orientierten Metalhead drin, sondern auch Hörvergnügen für den Klassik-Fan, der ohne Scheuklappen durchs Leben bzw. die Musikwelt geht." - Stormbringer.at

"Fans of classical, progressive, symphonic or even metal in general will find this to be incredibly appealing."- Mosh Pit Report

"Una produzione stratosferica che conferisce al suono un ascolto maestoso e potente (come del resto richiedeva una cosa del genere) e la grande professionalità hanno dato all’intero lavoro quel quid in più rispetto ad altre realizzazioni non di minore importanza,Vivaldi metal project potrebbe essere paragonabile alle quattro stagioni Vivaldiane in senso moderno essendo il lavoro fatto recando estrema attenzione ai dettagli che fanno di questa opera, un opera classica dei nostri tempi." - Tempiduri.eu

Vivaldi Metal Project - "The Four Seasons"

Availability: CD (digipack), Digital Download, Vinyl (double album)

[CD] http://goo.gl/C7iQwy
[VINYL] http://goo.gl/5uzXQp
[CD+T-Shirt Bundle | limited edition] https://goo.gl/WojCLD

June 12, 2016

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls. After many unexpected things, a lot work on other projects like Hellectricity and Vivaldi Metal Project. Now it's the time. I'm back to working on my full lenght solo album. I have most of keyboards and guests parts. I hope i will have something to show you at the end of the June.


ps. I refresh some information on my website. Some still need to be update but i'm going to finish it soon.

January 3, 2016

Happy New Year

Hi Everybody.

New Year - New Start in my music life. Many things are changed - in good way.
New projects, new people, new music. I will give you more details soon, but now i want to present you trailer for my new YT series "Keyboards Cover".


July 9, 2014

Paweł Penksa joins Vivaldi Metal Project

From VMP website:
Vivaldi Metal Project staff is proud to announce that Pawel Penksa, keyboard player and composer from Poland, will be one of the arranger of the project. More arrangers will be announce soon! Paweł Penksa is a keyboard player and composer from Poland. Since year 2003 he has been active as a session musician and a member of numerous bands like White Crow, Night Rider & Night Rider Symphony. In 2007, while working with Night Rider Symphony, he prepared new arrangements of the most famous classical pieces (Mozart, Beethoven, Bach) in symphonic metal style with polish lyrics and new music parts. In may 2014 he left Night Rider & Night Rider Symphony to devote himself to solo carrer. Currently Paweł works on the sucessor of relased in 2013 solo ep “Pandemonium” called “Tales” and other projects like live music for audio dramas of the “GOREktyw” project and movie score in “Critical Illusion”.

June 1, 2014

VIII Progrock Festival in Gniewkowo - Poland

Paweł Penksa will play special show on VIII Progrock festival in Gniewkowo include his solo works and Rick Wakeman's masterpiece - Journey  to the centre of the earth. Don't miss this show.